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Are your managers asking you for more and more data? Maybe they’ve been charmed by the effects that data analysis has had parts of the business (production, marketing, finance – to name a few)…

And now they’re looking to you.

They Need YOU to Collect On-the-Job Assessment Data!

As their chief go-to learning guy, you’re in charge of developing the company’s biggest asset – it’s people – and now you’re also in charge of delivering the data.

And not just some data. They want the lot. And they want it regularly.

e-Learning data. Compliance data. Performance data.

So let’s take a closer look at the challenge you face.

e-Learning data… isn’t that bad. You can hop into the LMS and export training records, tidy them up in Excel and drop them into a Powerpoint. Job done easily enough.

Compliance data and on-the-job performance data on the other hand… a bit trickier.

If you’re like most, your data collection process looks something like this:

  1. A new need for business data arises (for example, a push for increasing customer satisfaction levels – so you’re asked to measure service skills of customer facing staff)
  2. You develop a new checklist for the employee actions you want to measure
  3. You have the checklists designed, printed and distributed to your teams
  4. Your managers, armed with a trusty clipboard and pen, complete their checklists manually in the field
  5. Completed checklists spend the next few weeks on the manager’s desks (or cars) collecting wrinkles and coffee stains
  6. Managers reluctantly get around to entering the data (hopefully with minimal errors)
  7. You collate the data, analyse and present the findings

Can you spot the bottleneck in this process?

Hint: it involves people doing laborious and menial tasks that could be easily outsourced to digital technology.

And the sad fact is that the more measurement programs you put in place, the more resources needed to manage the collection and aggregation of your data.

Here’s how you can rid the bottlenecks standing in the way of data collection efficiency – the Holy Grail for the data-driven training manager!

Observation Checklist


Observation Checklist is a mobile app (on tablet and phone) that allows workplace assessments to be completed digitally.

Now, instead of the process above, your data collection looks a little more like:

  1. A new data requirement comes in
  2. You build an observation checklist on the Xapify portal (clicking one button to distribute it to your team members’ app)
  3. Managers use the app to complete workplace assessments in the field (while the app sends data directly to the cloud, instantly collated and accessible – available in built-in dashboards to display your results)

What used to take 7 steps, can now be done in 3 with Observation Checklist.

Using the Observation Checklist app allows you to kiss paperwork goodbye. Your breakup with paper does three important things:

  1. Reduces costs with no printing and no distribution needs (very handy if you have teams around the country)
  2. Speeds up data collection because you’re not waiting on team members to input data after assessments have been completed
  3. Removes the risk of data entry error in your data

And when it comes to compliance, you’ll sleep easier at night knowing that all of your data is sitting safely in the cloud….

Say there’s a serious incident on site one day, instead of getting shut for days while you collect compliance data, you’ll have it all in the Xapify cloud – instantly accessible.

Would you like to see how easy it is to build checklists, roll them out to your team and collect data instantly with Xapify Observation Checklist?  Schedule a call with one of our friendly training experts.

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