We help companies develop their frontline employees.

Skills matrix and training management software for deskless employees.

The skills development platform for the 80%.

80% of the Global Workforce is Deskless. That’s 2.7 billion of the global working population that doesn’t work behind desks. Deskless workers are spread across healthcare, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, agriculture, services, and more.

Xapiapps, Xapify’s parent company, was founded in 2014 with one goal in mind – to build a learning platform for the 80%. The people that learn on their feet, on-the-job.

Today we help organizations all over the world create training experiences for their deskless employees.

The Xapify team is committed to building the best skills development platform for frontline workers.

Nick Stephenson

Founder & CEO 

Leadership Team

Nick Stephenson

Founder, CEO

Jon Roder


Phil Stephenson


Christina Sanberg

Director of Sales

Matt Pham

Director of Product Management

Kim Ooi


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