Xapify is built for the unique needs of deskless workers.

Bring skills development and certification out of the Learning Management System and into the workplace with an intuitive, mobile training experience.

Skills & Competency Management

Support the skills development of your frontline employees with the skills framework. Skills can be verified through peer or supervisor assessment, or self-assessed against a checklist.

Employees can drive their own skills development by requesting skills verifications from approved colleagues.

Adaptive Training Paths

Frontline workers can demonstrate their skills development through on-the-job skill assessments.

Xapify training paths link learning content, on-the-job practice, and assessment, to skills development, automating complex workflows, and giving L&D departments visibility into progress.

Trainer & Supervisor Dashboard

Supervisors and managers are key contributors to the development of frontline staff.

The dashboard gives busy supervisors an at-a-glance overview of their team’s skills and skills gaps. Employee development is always front of mind with the task list.

Skills Observations

Enable frontline employees to demonstrate the application of their training.

Digital observation checklists are quick to create and are ideal for recording on-the-job activities like processes, behaviors, and standard operating procedures.


Give busy staff, quick and easy access to learning content on any device.

Learning content can be assigned or accessed via self-service at the moment of need.

Group Training

Use in-person at pre-shift huddles and staff meetings to deliver training to staff. Training agendas to make sure the right content is delivered the right way.

Record attendance to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Knowledge Boards

Quickly and easily help employees find the information they need in a curated library that is personalized for each user.

Knowledge Boards can be used for self-paced learning, job-aids, procedures, and reference content.

Organization Management

With flexible support for organizational structure, job roles, locations, and permissions. Xapify is the market leader in the complex organizational features needed to manage the skills for a deskless workforce.

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