Help Desk Service Level Agreement

The purpose of this document is to communicate the scope and mechanism of the provision of Help Desk Services by xapiapps and our clients.


Supported Platforms
We endeavour to support the latest versions, and the immediate predecessor versions, of the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, MS Edge and Safari (as applicable to each of the products mentioned in this Help Desk Agreement).

Services and Requests Covered Under This Agreement
Incident support – identifying and troubleshooting problems in xapiapps
Identifying and creating needed bug reports
Guidance around implementation and configuration
Questions regarding features or functionality

Services and Requests Not Covered Under This Agreement
End-user support
Development requests or questions (new features)
Problems with 3rd party integrated systems
Product training (except for new implementations)
Custom reporting requests
Requests from customers with long outstanding licensing or other payables

Hours of Support
The Help Desk operates 24/7. Support requests can be made any time using the online support portal at or via email at

Customers on Enterprise Plans will be issued with separate high priority email for urgent issues.

Our service infrastructure is monitored for system-wide outages only.


Recipients of Support
Administrators (only) for each customer may avail themselves of the Help Desk resources on behalf end-users.

Anatomy of an Administrator Support Request
To qualify as an administrator support request:

  • Ɣ the request must come via an administrator of xapiapps
  • 2 or more people must be able to replicate the problem over a short period of time;
  • the problem must be occurring on different internet connections and on different computers;
  • you’ve replicated the problem
  • the steps you are sending us are the same steps the users reporting the problem are taking and;
  • the step by step instructions you’re sending xapiapps are precise (see “How you can help us to help you”)

For example:
One person saying the page isn’t loading isn’t an administrator support request.


Many things are outside xapiapps control; user bandwidth, browser problems etc You need to investigate these types of possibilities first.

To work out if it if x piapps issue warranting administrator support, you need to do some investigation. For example, if

  • Several people are having the problems and;
  • It’s been happening for several days and;
  • You’ve checked with each client that the steps you are taking are the same ones they are taking

then it’s an administrator request, and we’ll happy to look into it with you.

NOTE: Forwarding emails with a comment or two is NOT an administrator support request, even if those emails come from different clients.

Fair Use and Excess Charges
Included in your fees payable for xpiapps is standard access, for your administrator, to Help Desk support resources.

Support is a shared service. We aim to service all customer requests according to our Target Support Levels. However, except in the case of major system malfunctions, the amount of support resources available to you in an annual licence period will be in proportion to the total size of your active user base across our product range. Where we believe a “Fair Use” threshold has been exceeded, we may gather aggregated reporting data from our helpdesk system. We will then contact you to discuss tailored support arrangements better suited to your circumstances. Such arrangements may, at our discretion, include a provision to charge for support services rendered at our nominal support engineering rate.


Modes of Contact
Our customers can contact us via
– Our in-app ticket system
– Email at

For Enterprise Plans clients will be provided with a priority phone number and email address.

Phone at:

– Australia +61 8 7150 1026
Address: Suite 5, 85 Mt Barker Rd, Stirling SA 5152, Australia
– United Kingdom +44 800 808 5849
– United States +1 (866) 591 3807

NOTE: We cannot guarantee a response to support requests received via channels other than the above.

How you can help us to help you 

We can only investigate issues which are replicable. It can greatly expedite your support requests if you
● Send us the details of the user (username only), and the user’s operating environment. You can obtain these by asking them to use the very same computer and browser they experienced the problem on to visit and attach the details to your support request
● Include some screenshots to show us what the problem looks like
● Provide precise, step by step, instructions to replicate the problem, for example:
a. Using IE 11 on Windows 10
b. I got to
c. I click the “My tasks” button
d. Nothing happens
e. A list of my tasks should appear

Priorities and Target Support Levels

We aim to make initial contact with clients who have raised tickets within the timeframes listed above, corresponding to severity levels. Actual resolution times will depend on the nature of the problem though we will always strive to mitigate major outages.

Third Party Service Providers
We rely on the provision of some services by third party suppliers for some of our activities. Where these dependencies are present, we make take longer to resolve some problems.

Terms and Conditions

Implied Acceptance
By using xapiapps the client acknowledges and agrees that Training Evidence Systems may do some or all of the following in the delivery of goods and services to the customer:
● We may engage third parties to assist with certain requests, including service providers based outside of Australia
● We may share limited data with such providers, but only where necessary for the purposes of ensuring the delivery of our services and products. Your data will otherwise not be shared with third parties.
● We may ask you to provide more detail to help us investigate, diagnose or rectify any issues raised with us. If we do not receive a timely response (typically within 7 days), we may close the support request until further notice.

Best Endeavours
Support is provided on a best­effort basis: We will not accept liability for circumstances or events which are reasonably beyond our control.

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